group orders

we are currently offering group discounts on apparel (shirts, crewnecks, jackets). wine glasses and totes are excluded at this time. this is an ideal option for workplaces, units, school programs/clubs, or even just a group of friends! 

♡ minimum of 8 items 
♡ 1-3 design options only (from site or custom)
♡ 1-4 decal colour options only 

please delegate one member of the group to email me at with details including a link to a design from the site, or a photo of a custom request. I will then follow up to confirm details and our current offerings at that time. 

a google form will then be created for the group for each person to go in and make individual requests based on what is agreed upon in the initial email correspondence (size, style, colour, etc.) 

submissions will be accepted for a brief time with a set deadline - payment must be made prior to this date or the submission will be omitted from the group order