product care guides

the high quality of our polyester means our shirts have minimal to no shrinking.
care of the decals depend on type! embroidered items will be more durable than those that are screen-printed or have vinyl decals. as a general rule of thumb to maintain the integrity of all items we recommend: 
♡ wash in cold water
♡ hang to dry when possible
♡ use the "delicates" cycle with little to no heat if using the dryer
♡ avoid fabric softener as it may loosen adherence 
*crewnecks are 50/50 cotton-polyester and may shrink slightly
♡ if your decal becomes tight/bunched looking, a quick steam from the inside of your shirt will fix this! (especially for designs with lines)
***in the event your decal comes off after the first wash even with following ALL care instructions, please contact us so we can replace it!! we try to ensure consistent pressing, but at times these things do happen and we are more than happy to make it right! 

wine glasses
♡ hand wash only - no dishwasher
♡ no scrubbing
♡ no soaking
♡ air-dry or gentle pat 
*etched glasses are completely durable and are exempt from these rules 

all of our mugs are made with ink which means they are easy-peasy to care for! 
♡ dishwasher safe
♡ will never flake, peel, or fade!
♡ scrubbing still not recommended just to protect the integrity of the mug itself