when choosing totes, we offer three categories: pre-order, ready to design, and ready made. having these options allow for you order items with varying degrees timelines and customization in mind.

pre-order totes
take full creative control!
this option allows for ultimate personalization! you choose EVERYTHING, including the tote colour, design option and colour(s), designation/name on items, and all additional personalization. with that, this option does have the longest processing times to account for ordering of inventory, creation of designs, placement, clarifications where needed, and wiggle room for any issues that may arise out of our control. 

ready to design totes 
give an inch, take a mile!
these are on-hand totes that are ready for you to personalize! you still choose everything regarding the design, just with limitations on the tote colour. this option allows for a quicker turnaround time without sacrificing the ability to customize your items! 

ready made totes
lean back and relax!
stay on trend with these are items that we have pre-made based on best-sellers and dealers' choice. we take out the stresses of decision-making and prepare ready to wear stylish items for you! with this option, the design and colour options are pre-set, however, you do can still personalize the text on the items. this allows for the quickest turn-around and most affordability.